The Electronic Age

Slot MachineThe slot machine was born in the late 1800s with the introduction of Charles Fey’s machines The Liberty Bell, The Operator Bell and The Silent Bell. The machines were an instant hit but the United States government started to get itchy. In the early 1900s, the United States government introduced anti-gambling laws and there was a ban on slot machines, which coincided with the prohibition.

Soon the slot machines started to vanish from the popular bars and saloons around the California area. When the laws relaxed, time had moved on and the returning slot machines took advantages of the new technology. In the 1960s the first electronic slot machines were created with immediate benefit to the owners. The older mechanical slot machines had always been vulnerable to manipulation, but their electronic cousins were much more difficult to manipulate. The owners could also offer bigger and better jackpots and before long the slot machine had returned to all of its former glory.

One of the most famous electronic slot machines was called the Twenty-One Machine and Nevada Electronics created it in 1964. The newer slot machines were designed using microprocessors and other electronic devices and they were vastly lighter than the older mechanical slot machines.

The slot machines were introduced into the casinos and chairs were provided to ensure the comfort of the playing and paying public. Jackpots increased and as they did so did their growing notoriety – slot machines were back!

This article was written by Alex, who, when she’s not playing Intercasino roulette, is usually blogging about her online casino exploits!